Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good evening WOTF fans. I posted this pin-up to give YOU a sheak peek at what coming your way. Enjoy!!!

I want to say how much I appreciate the support from every person that has gotten WOTF where it is. I am really honored beyond words that people have enjoyed it so much. Followers are steadily jumping on board and that is great.

For now we are still in 7th place. Tell you friends, tell you co- workers, tell your Mother! We need to get those votes and show everyone we want War Of The Fallen to be on top.

Next post I'll have some more work posted along with some special info about the status of War Of The Fallen. I've already been asked if I would continue the story and characters "IF" we don't take first. My answer is unequivocally,... TUNE IN NEXT TIME and you'll find out.

1 comment:

  1. The artwork is amazing, as always. The coloe choices blend to create that mysterious, supernatural atmosphere.